Friday, December 26, 2014

GDP Growth Study on BRICS Nations Report


The paper examines whether economic growth of countries is impacted by the independent variables viz., investment in energy with private participation, Foreign Direct investment & population, labor force, GNI per capita, agriculture etc.,

Utilizing multiple regression model study, the study suggests that foreign direct investment has maximum influence on economic growth (GDP) of countries. The independent variables are correlated and also individually they are significant predictors of Economic growth of countries


Economic growth refers to the increase in prosperity and wealth of a nation or country. Generally, economic growth is used as a synonym of GDP (gross domestic product). Economic growth is a top priority for policy makers around the world. It is generally agreed that a number of factors influence an economy to grow, including productivity increases, population growth, better educated and healthier work force, and the ease of doing business, investments in energy by private participation, FDI, government expenses, human capital accumulation, physical capital accumulation, labour force ,technology improvement, foreign trade, foreign trade investment and attitudes of people. Some factors have positive effect and some have negative effect on economic growth of a nation.
You can Download this 18 page Complete Project Report title “GDP Growth Study- BRIC and South Africa” for FREE from the Below Link.

The above Link of  academic Project  will cover the following topics:
  • Abstract
  •  Introduction
  • Definitions and Explanation of Chosen Economic Variables( X,Y, X1, X2)
  • Assumptions on the Regression Model
  • Analysis : Single Regression Models
  • Analysis: Initial Multiple Regression
  • Analysis : Test for Multi collinearity
  •  Conclusion

We Hope the above detailed project report will help you in getting better understanding of the concepts and also provide you better ideas for your own project completion.
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